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Watercolor Paintings - Land

If you're interested in an original watercolor painting by Doug, please use the contact form to submit your request and he'll provide details and pricing. Doug would also be happy to create an original custom watercolor painting from your photograph. Please specify the date if you're inquiring for a special occasion. All paintings are on archival cold press paper and image sizes are H" x W", (mats and frames are for display purposes only and are not included).

Carriage House (10.5 x 8.25)

To the River (8.25 x 10.75)

Gretchen's Yard (8 x 10.75)

Cherry Blossoms (10 x 16) SOLD

Hydrangeas (10 x 12)

Garden (9 x 11.5)

Monhegan Island (10 x 13.5)

Covid Summer (10 x 15) SOLD

After Brunch (14.25 x 11)

Evelyn's (10.75 x 16)

View from the Screened Porch (8 x 10)

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